Meet Grace Winter, Chief Marketing Officer of FMI

Grace is a young, creative and passionate individual who fell in love with FMI's brand purpose after doing some consulting work for them in 2014. Formerly in the advertising industry, Grace now plays a key role in guiding FMI's brand and digital strategies. What made you join FMI? So my journey with FMI started on a freelance basis, where I was pulled onto the Defined Events new product launch about 2 weeks before launch. There after the relationship continued to grow, I soon began to see how special the company and people were. I am grateful I’m here and that I’m doing something I’m so incredibly passionate about. What achievement are you most proud of and why? There are many projects and initiatives I feel that I’ve been fortunate enough to drive or be a part of during my three odd years at FMI, so my top one would be: a renewed induction process. A full week of induction ensures every single employee becomes a proud FMI brand ambassador. I am proud of the impact this has had to our culture and how its grown our brand internally. What is the biggest lesson you learnt? It’s a cliché but – back myself. Often we know the answers and we just need to have the confidence to back them. Complimenting this lesson, I have also learned to make the most of my more senior, experienced peers – surround yourself with great mentors. Find out more about FMI by clicking on their website or following them on their social media pages: Website Facebook YouTube LinkedIn    

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Diarise dates for the 2019 Women’s Lifestyle Expo now!

As a celebration of the power, individuality and spirit of South African women, the innovative Women’s Lifestyle Expo – brought to you by FMI - will be returning, bringing financial advice alongside the best health, wellness, beauty and décor to Cape Town’s The LookOut at the V&A Waterfront, from 11 to 13 October 2019. “We are really excited to be hosting the Women’s Lifestyle Expo to give South African women, of all ages and stages of their lives, the opportunity to have a day that is all about them,” explained Helen Johns, co-founder of the Women’s Lifestyle Expo. “In today’s busy world, we tend to leave ourselves as last priority. The Women’s Lifestyle Expo is about indulging ourselves, whilst having fun with friends, moms or daughters. It’s all about us. Building on the success of the inaugural Women’s Lifestyle Expo, held in Cape Town, this has become a platform to celebrate our diversity, shared experiences, passion and varied interests. We want every woman who attends to experience the very latest trends, and learn about relevant topics, vital to their health, wealth and social wellbeing.” The Women’s Lifestyle Expo is brought to you by FMI, a division of Bidvest Life Ltd – South Africa’s up-and-coming life insurer and leader in income protection. The expo’s mission to empower and educate women to live healthier, better lives directly aligns with FMI’s values and philosophy. "We are passionate about helping individuals make the right decisions when it comes to securing their financial future by emphasizing the importance of income protection and critical illness cover – something that every single woman should ensure they have,” explained Grace Winter, Head of Brand Communications at FMI. In addition to business and financial

High Tea a Highlight of the Women’s Lifestyle Expo

Joburg’s Montecasino Piazza was transformed into the ultimate Women’s Lifestyle Expo (#WLE2018) – brought to you by FMI - from 29th to 30th September as the country’s most dynamic industry leaders and lifestyle experts congregated for a weekend of female empowerment. A definite highlight on the Women’s Lifestyle Expo programme was the sumptuous High Tea which welcomed an exclusive panel consisting of democracy activist, Wenzile Madonsela; radio personality, Gugulethu Mhlungu; marketing strategist, Michelle Korevaar; award-winning entrepreneur, Nonku Ntshona; strategic communications’ expert, Jean Chawapiwa; and musical legend, Unathi. Guests were treated to insightful discussions on redifining success in all aspects of a woman’s life, while dining on a delicious High Tea prepared by official food partner, OPEN Food Group. Alongside informative workshops covering topics such as health, finance, beauty and an being entrepreneur, visitors to this year’s Women’s Lifestyle Expo indulged in pamper sessions and beauty treatments while browsing the latest on-trend fashion, accessory, cosmetic and health products. Then it was time to unwind with girlfriends in the enchanting Wine Garden where Boschendal wines and bubbly paired perfectly with gourmet menu options. Eat, drink, shop, learn, connect and unwind…the Women’s Lifestyle Expo was the ultimate girls’ day out!

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Women’s Lifestyle Expo presents 16 Tips to Succeed in Male-Dominated Industries

While the barriers to workplace equality are steadily being worn away, it is still an uphill challenge for many women trying to succeed across the career spectrum. This year’s Women’s Lifestyle Expo (#WLE2018) – brought to you be FMI – is proud to feature a number of high-profile women who have managed to achieve in their respective fields, despite working in traditionally male- dominated industries. “While great strides have been made in creating equal opportunities for South African women in the workplace, there is still so much that needs to be achieved,” said Helen Johns, co-founder of the Women’s Lifestyle Expo. “The only way to increase the pace is for women to support women, particularly those seeking leadership roles. This is at the heart of the Women’s Lifestyle Expo, and we are so proud to welcome these inspired career leaders to the event.” These economic and social trailblazers – many of whom will be sharing their stories at #WLE2018 at Joburg’s Montecasino Piazza from 29 to 30 September – have imparted some of their wisdom to inspire other women seeking career success. Here are 16 Tips to Succeed in Male-Dominated Industries – from women who have proved it can be done. Jean Chawapiwa, founder and MD of Win Win Solutions 4 Africa; and Country Director for WEConnect International in South Africa, is breaking boundaries in the mining sector. Her top 4 tips for career success, are: 1. Understand the politics of the company. You should always have a strategy to break through and get champions and influencers on your side. 2. Be well informed in your sector and share information. It’s beneficial to be seen to be a person who shares information. 3. Remember that

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Time for women to take control of their financial future

By Grace Winter, Head of Brand & Communications at FMI As South African women, what lives do we want to lead? How do we plan for those lives? And how do we make smart financial decisions that support our plans? These are the types of questions that we should be asking ourselves all the time. And yet, far too many of us still don’t have proper answers to these questions. This lack of certainty about basic financial issues or risks can leave us, and our families, vulnerable and exposed. I grew up in a home where both parents worked, and contributed more or less equally, to our household. More importantly than that, they both played an active role in setting budgets and financial priorities for the family. That’s not always the case, though. Even in 2018, unfortunately, we still see women abdicating the control of the household finances to their husbands because that’s how it’s traditionally been done. We need to break those old- fashioned gender-based roles. Money is no longer just the man’s responsibility. Where do you start? For us, the cornerstone of any financial plan is the ability to earn your income. Let’s face it, without an income, you can’t pay for anything. Your house, your rent, your family’s wellbeing, your lifestyle. This is particularly important in a South African context. In many other countries, if you can’t work because of injury or illness, you’re protected by government grants. In South Africa, we have UIF, but it provides only a fraction of your usual income, leaving you in a dire situation. At FMI, we’re passionate about educating South Africans on the necessity of getting insurance that pays you your income in the case

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Women’s Lifestyle Expo announces dynamic partnership with ChangeMakersHub

Collaboration and support for women has seen the creation of a truly worthwhile partnership as the Women’s Lifestyle Expo – brought to you by FMI – joins forces with the innovative online empowerment platform, ChangeMakersHub (CMH). The multisensory, multi-faceted Women’s Lifestyle Expo (#WLE2018) is taking over Joburg’s Montecasino Piazza from Saturday, 29 September to Sunday, 30 September. Founded by Capetonian social entrepreneur, Michelle Korevaar, CMH is a tech-enabled platform that profiles organisations which are making a difference in their communities. This non-profit organisation connects people who want to make a difference to the other organisations that are positively impacting various areas of society through charitable work. Helen Johns, co-founder of Women’s Lifestyle Expo, said the mission behind the event was to ‘help women thrive in all areas of their lives by connecting them to effective brands and services’. “By partnering with CMH, Women’s Lifestyle Expo can help give a voice to organisations that are working as agents of change,” explained Helen. “By profiling these organisations and individuals, we are sharing and celebrating these phenomenal stories, as well as providing them with a platform to reach others who are equally passionate about changing lives for the better.” At its core, CMH is driven by the Millennial Leadership Network, a peer-to-peer sharing network comprised of influencers, leaders and agents of change committed to activating solutions for worthwhile causes. The inclusive model leaves no-one behind, integrating the talents of driven change makers. The initiative has already received significant support, with endorsement from Premier of the Western province where the pilot project has commenced roll out. The partnership with #WLE2018 will pave the way for even more of an impact, nationally and further abroad. “Women are the natural care-takers

Women’s Lifestyle Expo High Tea set to attract who’s who of South African businesswomen

Sit down to an intimate High Tea with some of South Africa’s most dynamic, impressive and influential women at this year’s Woman’s Lifestyle Expo (#WLE2018). Guests will be treated to a sumptuous tea while hearing how these phenomenal women managed to achieve their success; balancing demanding careers and motherhood and still managing to embrace their femininity. This sumptuous networking opportunity – brought to you by FMI – will be taking place on Saturday, 29 September from 2pm to 4pm at Joburg’s Montecasino Piazza Ballroom. “We are living in an incredible age where women are emerging from the shadows and finally being recognised as the powerful, world-changing individuals they have always been in their industries,” said Helen Johns, co-founder of Women’s Lifestyle Expo. “The Women’s Lifestyle Expo High Tea will give you an opportunity to feed your inner goddess in a space that is energising and empowering and where women from all walks of life will get to interact, engage with and learn from some truly inspiring women.” Imagine the setting: a sophisticated and elegant High Tea where guests will sip champagne and gin cocktails and enjoy gourmet fare prepared by #WLE2018 official food partner, OPEN Food Group. The culinary team has fashioned a mouth-watering menu of on-trend delicacies, the likes of which you have never seen before and likely to prove irresistible. Tomato infused profiteroles filled with a salmon and dill mousse; gorgonzola mousse with walnuts and poached pear; and key lime tarts are just a few of the gourmet eats to expect on the day. Guests will be able to enjoy one-on-one interactions and engage in relaxed discussions with the speakers and each guest will leave with a complimentary goodie bag so that they

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Cape Town businesswoman Helen Johns the Powerhouse Behind Women’s Lifestyle Expo

After a few years on the catwalks of South Africa and Europe, Helen Johns (Atlantic Seaboard/ City Bowl) found herself in the Mother City to complete a university degree. In between lectures and socialising in the city, she and a friend started a small clothing company on Greenmarket Square. Once her entrepreneurial spirit got a taste of the opportunities out there, there was no looking back - she co-founded The Source, a wholesale homeware imports’ company, and created an events’ company within an advertising agency. This eventually became Mint Productions & Destinations, an expert events’ company operating across Africa. Finally, Helen decided that merely leading by example was not enough to uplift and empower women in the real world, which is how the Women’s Lifestyle Expo was born. What better way to celebrate empowered women than bringing to South Africa its first Women’s Lifestyle Expo. “The Women’s Lifestyle Expo is about female empowerment and promotion of the extraordinary skill and talent found in every industry across the country,” explained Helen. “Women are masters at the art of multitasking, which is why the Women’s Lifestyle Expo has put together a diverse array of presenters and inspiring feminine experiences to be relished over one weekend.” Join her at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo (#WLE2018), which will take place at Joburg’s Montecasino Piazza from Saturday, 29 to Sunday, 30 September. It promises to be a weekend to remember. Tickets are available at For more information about the #WLE2018, visit

OPEN Food Group, official food partner of Women’s Lifestyle Expo, talks top food trends

World-class culinary specialists, OPEN Food Group, has been announced as the official food partner to this year’s Women’s Lifestyle Expo – brought to you by FMI. This taste-enhancing #foodforwoman addition to the multisensory Women’s Lifestyle Expo (#WLE2018) will be an experiential food sensation that invites you to simply indulge yourself! All this flavour will be taking over Joburg’s Montecasino Piazza from Saturday, 29 September to Sunday, 30 September.   Tamar Klonarides, CEO of OPEN Food Group, said the organisation was founded on the belief that ‘good food is what brings people together’: “It is the foundation of good memories. A home-cooked family meal, an alfresco lunch with friends - we can all recall memories based on the food we ate and shared. As such, we believe that food should always be of an exceptional standard. This belief in bringing people together and creating memories is what OPEN Food Group will bring to the Woman’s Lifestyle Expo.”   To whet the appetite for #WLE2018, OPEN Food Group has shared its Top Food Trends for 2018:   1. Poke Bowls Poke bowls - originally native to Hawaii - have been a trending in the US and we are slowly seeing them more in South Africa. These bowls offer easily accessible traditional dishes that can be endlessly customised.   2. Plant-based Protein With the social focus on saving our environment and being vegan, a lot of chefs have embraced plant-based ingredients -Tofu, tempeh and quinoa - to replace the usual ‘meaty’ proteins.   3. The Fourth Meal With the fast-paced lifestyle we all seem to live, everything we do has less structure, this includes our eating habits. The magic number has always been three meals – we suggest

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Ché Gourmet to share insight into ‘Gut Health’ at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2018

Dietary guidance and healthy eating are on the menu at this year’s Women’s Lifestyle Expo (#WLE2018) – brought to you by FMI – as ‘Ché Gourmet’ joins the exclusive workshop panel. This health-seeking, taste-creating, organically-driven guru will provide an in-depth discussion on ‘Gut Health and the Impact Fermented Foods Have on Assisting Our Micribiome to Heal Our Bodies’. As a fermentation expert, Ché will also be demonstrating how to create your own fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut, as well as how to add them into your daily diet. Catch the Taste Creator at #WLE2018 at Joburg’s Montecasino Piazza on Saturday, 29 September from 2pm to 2.45pm. This deliciously seasoned talk forms part of a multisensory #WLE2018 programme, running from 29 to 30 September, featuring the best in fashion, beauty, lifestyle products and food all in one revitalising space. Book your ticket at now! Women’s Lifestyle Expo details: When: Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 September. Times: Saturday, 29 September 9.30am to 8pm. Sunday, 30 September 9.30am to 6pm. Venue: Montecasino Piazza Tickets: R180 per person per day for a general entry ticket. Don’t miss your chance to experience the ultimate Women’s Lifestyle Expo. Tickets are available at For more information about the #WLE2018, visit: Website: Facebook: Womens Lifestyle Expo SA Twitter: @Womens_Expo_SA Instagram: @womens_lifestyle_expo For more information about FMI, visit: Website: Facebook: @FMIDBN Twitter: @FMI_insurance