Mint Productions, Innovational Consulting, The Women’s Lifestyle Expo, the venue, all contractors and any of its directors, officials, agents and employees shall not be liable to any visitor at any exhibition for any personal injury or death, or for the loss or damage to any property of whatsoever nature belonging to the visitor, howsoever arising or brought to the exhibition venue by the visitor, and whether caused by reason of default or negligence of any of the said persons. Mint Productions & Innovational Consulting tries to ensure the utmost quality in exhibitors however, Mint Productions & Innovational Consulting cannot be held liable for any goods purchased from any exhibitor that may be damaged. Any contracts entered into by the visitor and exhibitor at the exhibition is strictly between the two parties and Mint Productions & Innovational Consulting cannot be held responsible for any altercations. The company will not be held responsible for any damages, fire or theft to vehicles or injury to persons howsoever caused. Vehicles parked on or surrounding the premises are done so at the owners risk.