World-class culinary specialists, OPEN Food Group, has been announced as the official food partner to this year’s Women’s Lifestyle Expo – brought to you by FMI. This taste-enhancing #foodforwoman addition to the multisensory Women’s Lifestyle Expo (#WLE2018) will be an experiential food sensation that invites you to simply indulge yourself! All this flavour will be taking over Joburg’s Montecasino Piazza from Saturday, 29 September to Sunday, 30 September.


Tamar Klonarides, CEO of OPEN Food Group, said the organisation was founded on the belief that ‘good food is what brings people together’: “It is the foundation of good memories. A home-cooked family meal, an alfresco lunch with friends – we can all recall memories based on the food we ate and shared. As such, we believe that food should always be of an exceptional standard. This belief in bringing people together and creating memories is what OPEN Food Group will bring to the Woman’s Lifestyle Expo.”


To whet the appetite for #WLE2018, OPEN Food Group has shared its Top Food Trends for 2018:


1. Poke Bowls

Poke bowls – originally native to Hawaii – have been a trending in the US and we are slowly seeing them more in South Africa. These bowls offer easily accessible traditional dishes that can be endlessly customised.


2. Plant-based Protein

With the social focus on saving our environment and being vegan, a lot of chefs have embraced plant-based ingredients -Tofu, tempeh and quinoa – to replace the usual ‘meaty’ proteins.


3. The Fourth Meal

With the fast-paced lifestyle we all seem to live, everything we do has less structure, this includes our eating habits. The magic number has always been three meals – we suggest a fourth, which is generally a treat!


4. Savoury Desserts

Although not specific to this year, savoury desserts have certainly grown as a trend and have shown no signs of slowing down. From oatmeal or jalapeños in that cheese cake, to basil ice cream, the dessert evolution has certainly begun.


5. Water Restrictions

Quite clearly inspired by Cape Town, we see a trend coming from the Mother City in which chefs will create as many variations of delectable dishes while trying to save water where possible.


6. Champagne and Bubbles

South Africans enjoy celebrating the little things, and what would a celebration be without bubbly? There has been a clear growth in demand for demi-sec sparkling wines and champagnes, and this will continue as they offer sweeter options that South Africans truly enjoy.


7. Mash-up Frenzy

Our final trend is the ‘mash-up’ of different cuisines. From sushi burgers or burritos to dessert pizzas, there seems to be a lot of interest when combining traditional favourites to create something holistically different.


Helen Johns, co-founder of the Women’s Lifestyle Expo, said OPEN Food Group would be bringing this extensive foodie knowledge and inspired trends to the food emporium: “The quality creations and sophisticated ethos of OPEN Food Group makes it the perfect fit for Women’s Lifestyle Expo.”


Top chefs from OPEN Food Groups will be creating #foodforwoman suited to all dietary restrictions, with some truly indulgent options so that you’re just a little bit tempted to take a treat day. All food will be prepared under gazebos, with informative food demonstrations. You can also learn how to prepare an exquisite banquet table and then step over to the Wine Garden to enjoy some freshly-made sushi and salads.


In addition to the foodie options, the Women’s Lifestyle Expo – brought to you by FMI – promises an extensive, all-encompassing programme for every age. You can expect:

·         Informative talks on health, financial and lifestyle by industry experts

·         On-trend fashion styles, accessories and cosmetics

·         Pamper sessions and beauty treatments

·         Networking opportunities with South Africa’s leading influencers


Women’s Lifestyle Expo details:

When:         Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 September.

Times:         Saturday, 29 September 9.30am to 8pm.

Sunday, 30 September 9.30am to 6pm.

Venue:         Montecasino Piazza

Tickets:        R180 per person per day for a general entry ticket.


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