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Meet Grace Winter, Chief Marketing Officer of FMI

Grace is a young, creative and passionate individual who fell in love with FMI's brand purpose after doing some consulting work for them in 2014. Formerly in the advertising industry, Grace now plays a key role in guiding FMI's brand and digital strategies. What made you join FMI? So my journey with FMI started on a freelance basis, where I was pulled onto the Defined Events new product launch about 2 weeks before launch. There after the relationship continued to grow, I soon began to see how special the company and people were. I am grateful I’m here and that I’m doing something I’m so incredibly passionate about. What achievement are you most proud of and why? There are many projects and initiatives I feel that I’ve been fortunate enough to drive or be a part of during my three odd years at FMI, so my top one would be: a renewed induction process. A full week of induction ensures every single employee becomes a proud FMI brand ambassador. I am proud of the impact this has had to our culture and how its grown our brand internally. What is the biggest lesson you learnt? It’s a cliché but – back myself. Often we know the answers and we just need to have the confidence to back them. Complimenting this lesson, I have also learned to make the most of my more senior, experienced peers – surround yourself with great mentors. Find out more about FMI by clicking on their website or following them on their social media pages: Website Facebook YouTube LinkedIn    

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Time for women to take control of their financial future

By Grace Winter, Head of Brand & Communications at FMI As South African women, what lives do we want to lead? How do we plan for those lives? And how do we make smart financial decisions that support our plans? These are the types of questions that we should be asking ourselves all the time. And yet, far too many of us still don’t have proper answers to these questions. This lack of certainty about basic financial issues or risks can leave us, and our families, vulnerable and exposed. I grew up in a home where both parents worked, and contributed more or less equally, to our household. More importantly than that, they both played an active role in setting budgets and financial priorities for the family. That’s not always the case, though. Even in 2018, unfortunately, we still see women abdicating the control of the household finances to their husbands because that’s how it’s traditionally been done. We need to break those old- fashioned gender-based roles. Money is no longer just the man’s responsibility. Where do you start? For us, the cornerstone of any financial plan is the ability to earn your income. Let’s face it, without an income, you can’t pay for anything. Your house, your rent, your family’s wellbeing, your lifestyle. This is particularly important in a South African context. In many other countries, if you can’t work because of injury or illness, you’re protected by government grants. In South Africa, we have UIF, but it provides only a fraction of your usual income, leaving you in a dire situation. At FMI, we’re passionate about educating South Africans on the necessity of getting insurance that pays you your income in the case

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