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The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence

And this is so true. Lately there has been a big push towards celebrating women getting older, looking better than ever before – because they feel better than ever. We look at how the perception of beauty and age in the media is evolving and big brands are celebrating beauty at every age. Two articles that we came across was “70 and female is the new cool” and 9 Gorgeous Women (Ages 61 To 94) Who Prove Beauty Is Ageless. Dove’s inspirational Project #ShowUs is a collective partnership aimed at shattering stereotypes showing women as they are, not as others believe they should be. In partnership with digital photo company GirlGaze and Getty Images, Dove has collected about 5,000 images on Getty Images, featururing 179 women from 39 countries which includes plus-size, trans, diverse women and women with skin conditions. Dove’s campaign #ShowUs aim is to build the world’s largest stock photo library created by women and non-binary individuals, thereby helping to fix female representation in media in a big way. This is exactly what we want to and need to hear. The media have identified some high-profile women all in their 70s not based on their looks but on their successes. There’s Nancy Pelosi, who at 78 has proved the president’s most indomitable opponent, and her peers in the House: Maxine Waters, 80, the first woman to head the Financial Services Committee. Glenn Close was 71 when she won a Golden Globe for best actress on Jan. 6, the same night that CBS News announced it was putting a 66-year-old woman, Susan Zirinsky, in charge of the company. Carmen Dell’Orefice at 86, she's still modeling, which makes her the longest-working model in history. South

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Women’s Lifestyle Expo brings you the top 5 self-preservation rules every woman should know

A young girl has a far greater chance of being raped in South Africa, than learning to read. This horrific statistic brings home the reality of the country’s violent crime, specifically against females, and it’s time for every woman to act. This is why Mark Grobbelaar, founder of Women INpowerment (WIP) will be on hand to get you ‘boxing smart’ at this year’s Women’s Lifestyle Expo – brought to you by FMI – taking place at The LookOut on the 11-13 October 2019 After the rape and attempted murder of Alison Botha in 1994, her close friend, Mark Grobbelaar, was driven to make a difference…and so he developed WIP: “South Africa is the rape capital of the world with one woman raped every 20 seconds. Women need to get INpowered so that they don’t become yet another victim,” said Mark Grobbelaar. “WIP is an extremely simple yet remarkably effective self-INpowerment system that has been designed specifically for women.” Mark has outlined his top 5 rules for self-INpowerment: 1. Be prepared Every woman I’ve ever spoken to, when asked the question, ‘What would you do if you thought you were going to get raped or murdered?’ has either said: ‘I don’t know’, or ‘I think…’. As a woman, you need to learn to immobilise a man even twice your size before finding yourself in that situation. Be prepared. 2. Never underestimate anyone Just because a man – or woman – might seem physically less dominant than yourself, it’s important not to assume you will have the upper hand. We also often feel a social responsibility to take a more lenient approach with strangers, rather than risk a socially awkward situation. If you don’t feel comfortable, get

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Women’s Lifestyle Expo announces dynamic partnership with ChangeMakersHub

Women’s Lifestyle Expo – brought to you by FMI – joins forces with the innovative online empowerment platform, ChangeMakersHub (CMH). The multisensory, multi-faceted Women’s Lifestyle Expo (#WLE2019) is taking over V&A Waterfront’s The LookOut in Cape Town from Friday, 11 October to Sunday, 13 October 2019. Founded by Capetonian social entrepreneur, Michelle Korevaar, CMH is a tech-enabled platform that profiles organisations which are making a difference in their communities. This non-profit organisation connects people who want to make a difference to the other organisations that are positively impacting various areas of society through charitable work. Helen Johns, co-founder of Women’s Lifestyle Expo, said the mission behind the event was to ‘help women thrive in all areas of their lives by connecting them to effective brands and services’. “By partnering with CMH, Women’s Lifestyle Expo can help give a voice to organisations that are working as agents of change,” explained Helen. “By profiling these organisations and individuals, we are sharing and celebrating these phenomenal stories, as well as providing them with a platform to reach others who are equally passionate about changing lives for the better.” At its core, CMH is driven by the Millennial Leadership Network, a peer-to-peer sharing network comprised of influencers, leaders and agents of change committed to activating solutions for worthwhile causes. The inclusive model leaves no-one behind, integrating the talents of driven change makers. The initiative has already received significant support, with endorsement from Premier of the Western province where the pilot project has commenced roll out. The partnership with #WLE2018 will pave the way for even more of an impact, nationally and further abroad. “Women are the natural care-takers of our families, friends and communities,” explained CMH founder, Michelle Korevaar.

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Meet the FMI Marketing team

These #bossbabes are enthusiastic, hard-working and committed in their efforts to lead the business to success with bravery, empathy and excellence. Their desire is to create a progressive environment where creative thinking and collaboration solves problems and contributes to the overall success of the organisation. This inspiring group of women shows consideration and concern to fellow team mates and employees by leading with fairness and inclusiveness in everything they do. Here’s to FMI’s #bossbabes! Find out more about FMI by clicking on their website or following them on their social media pages: Website Facebook YouTube LinkedIn    

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Diarise dates for the 2019 Women’s Lifestyle Expo now!

As a celebration of the power, individuality and spirit of South African women, the innovative Women’s Lifestyle Expo – brought to you by FMI - will be returning, bringing financial advice alongside the best health, wellness, beauty and décor to Cape Town’s The LookOut at the V&A Waterfront, from 11 to 13 October 2019. “We are really excited to be hosting the Women’s Lifestyle Expo to give South African women, of all ages and stages of their lives, the opportunity to have a day that is all about them,” explained Helen Johns, co-founder of the Women’s Lifestyle Expo. “In today’s busy world, we tend to leave ourselves as last priority. The Women’s Lifestyle Expo is about indulging ourselves, whilst having fun with friends, moms or daughters. It’s all about us. Building on the success of the inaugural Women’s Lifestyle Expo, held in Cape Town, this has become a platform to celebrate our diversity, shared experiences, passion and varied interests. We want every woman who attends to experience the very latest trends, and learn about relevant topics, vital to their health, wealth and social wellbeing.” The Women’s Lifestyle Expo is brought to you by FMI, a division of Bidvest Life Ltd – South Africa’s up-and-coming life insurer and leader in income protection. The expo’s mission to empower and educate women to live healthier, better lives directly aligns with FMI’s values and philosophy. "We are passionate about helping individuals make the right decisions when it comes to securing their financial future by emphasizing the importance of income protection and critical illness cover – something that every single woman should ensure they have,” explained Grace Winter, Head of Brand Communications at FMI. In addition to business and financial

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Women’s Lifestyle Expo High Tea set to attract who’s who of South African businesswomen

Sit down to an intimate High Tea with some of South Africa’s most dynamic, impressive and influential women at this year’s Woman’s Lifestyle Expo (#WLE2018). Guests will be treated to a sumptuous tea while hearing how these phenomenal women managed to achieve their success; balancing demanding careers and motherhood and still managing to embrace their femininity. This sumptuous networking opportunity – brought to you by FMI – will be taking place on Saturday, 29 September from 2pm to 4pm at Joburg’s Montecasino Piazza Ballroom. “We are living in an incredible age where women are emerging from the shadows and finally being recognised as the powerful, world-changing individuals they have always been in their industries,” said Helen Johns, co-founder of Women’s Lifestyle Expo. “The Women’s Lifestyle Expo High Tea will give you an opportunity to feed your inner goddess in a space that is energising and empowering and where women from all walks of life will get to interact, engage with and learn from some truly inspiring women.” Imagine the setting: a sophisticated and elegant High Tea where guests will sip champagne and gin cocktails and enjoy gourmet fare prepared by #WLE2018 official food partner, OPEN Food Group. The culinary team has fashioned a mouth-watering menu of on-trend delicacies, the likes of which you have never seen before and likely to prove irresistible. Tomato infused profiteroles filled with a salmon and dill mousse; gorgonzola mousse with walnuts and poached pear; and key lime tarts are just a few of the gourmet eats to expect on the day. Guests will be able to enjoy one-on-one interactions and engage in relaxed discussions with the speakers and each guest will leave with a complimentary goodie bag so that they

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