Brigitta is a yoga instructor and gym owner living in beautiful Cape Town, SA. After graduating from Stellenbosch University with her Bachelor’s degree in commerce, she began her journey of climbing the proverbial corporate ladder.

During a time of great stress and overwhelm, Brigitta found the gift of yoga. Her yoga practice became a space where she could return home to herself, a quiet sanctuary for reflection and contemplation, for connecting with heart-felt intentions and returning to an awakened state of love, gratitude and joy.

The body/ mind connection afforded to her through her yoga practice lead to Brigitta completing her 200hr Vinyasa yoga teacher training along with various other wellness based certifications including but not limited to a pre & post natal yoga teacher training, personal nutrition, catalyst facilitation, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and mindfulness.

Brigitta’s style of teaching demonstrates a strong connection to the principals of mindfulness, self-awareness and the power of positive thinking. She is most passionate about empowering her student by awakening them to the present moment and reconnecting them with their innate personal power to choose a life of joy, connected by kindness, gratitude and understanding.

A student at heart, Brigitta continues to grow and develop her understanding of the human mind and the power of conscious awareness. She believes that yoga offers us a space to come back to your power, which is always in the present moment. Yoga provides a place to practice consciously choosing where we place our attention, focus and thoughts. A space to disconnect from the incessant thoughts and judgements of yesterday, where we can release the habitual pattern of catastrophizing, and the need to constantly attempt to control the future.

What started as a novel exercise programme soon became a deep passion for connection, mindfulness and transformation. Yoga became the place where she could tap into the infinite well of inner wisdom, personal power and clarity which led to her living an awakened life, filled with inspiration, gratitude and joy.